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Byron Lighthouse Run 2012 : Race Report

Byron Bay Runners

After much planning and careful co-ordination, Byron Bay Runners produced a team of seventeen honed, toned and very well dressed runners for the annual Byron Bay Lighthouse Run 2012 last weekend. Looking professional in their new racing singlets, team members were called to the start-line, where there was a lot of jostling to get to the front…. some keen to get a good position for placings (as these are awarded on gun time), but the majority of us just wanting to hog the limelight for any press photos that might be taken, to show off our spangly new racing singlets. Following a NASA-like countdown from 10 by the race organiser, we launched ourselves like rockets onto the course.

For the uninitiated, the Byron 10km is possibly one of the hardest 10k road runs – combining a mixture of a 2km climb up to the lighthouse with three beach sections (that means six, yes six, lots of soft sand running to get on and off the beach!). This year’s course was the same as last year, taking runners down onto Clarke’s beach, along to the Pass, before heading up to the lighthouse along Lighthouse Road. One lap of the lighthouse and runners return back down Lighthouse Road, and should then turn back down to the Pass. Unfortunately here disaster struck. Runners who had run the course two years previously were used to heading straight back down Lighthouse Road towards Tallow Beach Road; runners who ran the course last year (and had studied the course map on the website) knew that this year’s course was different. People who had never run the course before didn’t have a clue! Confusion reigned, with lead runners stopping and waiting for others to catch up, to get their opinions on which way to go. Lacking clear direction from anyone, some runners went straight on, some went back down to the Pass and onto the beach. By the time race organisers had realised what was happening, many of the lead runners (including our Ben) had headed off in the wrong direction, resulting in DNF results, as they hadn’t completed the full course.

Of those that did run the full course, results are listed below. Alex produced a phenomenal run, proving herself as a force to be reckoned with over 10k, finishing the overall female winner. She also left most of the male competition in her wake, with a fifth place overall. Next to the podium was Simon, with a fantastic overall second place and age category win, showing he’s in great shape for next weekend’s Lamington Classic trail marathon. The Byron Bay 5am’ers team (comprised of Caroline, Kelley, Sorrell, Chris and Sarah) also showed that early morning runs are good for you, with three of the team placing top 3 in their age categories. Other Byron Bay Runners, including Helen (‘I don’t do hills’) showed how far they had come in their fitness since stepping out with the club, with everyone finishing under the 1hr mark.

After presentations (and a million random prize draws, including a free membership to our wonderful club), the team enjoyed a relaxing beachside breakfast under the club gazebo, with friends and family. Thanks to Peta from Brookfarm Museli for the yummy museli, to race organisers for putting on such a great race, and for all the Byron Bay Runners families and friends who cheered us along, and kept us going through the wind, heat, sand and hills. We will be back next year, for sure!

Results (note placings are given on gun time)
Name Net time Age category placing Gender Placing

Alex 47.24 1 Overall female winner
Caroline 482.9 1 5
Kelley 48.32 2 6
Sorrell 49.33 3 10
Michelle 50.49 7 17
Sarah 52.15 8 26
Chris 53.56 10 35
Nichole 59.10 17 72
Jo 58.53 18 73
Helen 1.00.45 28 89
Kim DNF 
Simon 42.52 1 2
Jan 52.56 18 55
Ben DNF 
Hunter DNF 
Adam DNF 
Pete DNF