Melbourne Marathon, 12 October 2014


Race Report by Caroline Bailey


Most people who have run a marathon, I think, would agree with the saying, ‘the marathon’s the short part’. So to give you a true picture of my experience of Melbourne, I first need to give you some background information.


I had been planning to tackle a marathon, ever since my first attempt at the 42.2 monster in 2012 at the Gold Coast. Having had two years to lick my wounds, and work out what went wrong (I hadn’t so much ‘hit’ the wall as taken a running jump headlong into it, having a horrible time for the last 10km and taking 20 minutes to run the last 2km), I armed myself with ‘The Hanson’s Method: the renegade way to run your best marathon’. Always one to judge a book by its cover, I liked the sound of anything with the word ‘renegade’ in it, and from the reviews I read on various running blogs, it was well supported with lots of enthusiastic accounts from people achieving PB’s after decades of disastrous marathon attempts.


The fundamental principle of the Hanson Program is that you don’t build up one super big long run each week (most marathon programs, like the one I’d followed in 2012, will take you to 35-36km). Instead you consistently run a mid- to high mileage, over six days a week aiming to induce ‘cumulative fatigue’ and the ability to still run at target pace on tired legs. Going on the ‘specificity of training’ principle (i.e. training should mimic what you hope to achieve in racing) and my previous experience of the marathon (yep, you could say I need a little sit down at the end!), I was all for anything that would train me, as someone’s blog had said, ‘to run the last 12km of a marathon (anyone can run the first 30km)’.


With my book under one arm, and my running buddy Shaugnah (who has New York marathon in November) under the other, I diligently converted the miles given in the program to kms, to see just how far we would have to run each day. With our rest day planned for Tuesdays, this is what I came up with ....


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