Sunset runner

Coach's Cornerby: Caroline Bailey, PhD​

Reasons to Run
Every time you run you are doing something good for yourself and your body.

Research has shown that running:

  1. Running is one of the quickest ways to get fit;
  2. Running regularly boosts your immune system, making you less likely to catch colds and other bugs;
  3. Each time you run, you are making your heart, lungs and muscles stronger;
  4. Running improves your ‘core’ strength (muscles around your middle) which will improve your posture;
  5. If you’ve had a bad day, or you’re just feeling a bit low about things, running is a great stress buster and mood improver;
  6. Running will improve your performance in other sports - by boosting your stamina and increasing leg strength;
  7. Running makes your brain release hormones, like serotonin, which will make you feel happy and calm after the run;
  8. Running can give you time on your own, to think about things.
  9. Running will boost your self-image and self-esteem (runners feel really good about themselves!)

    About the author
    Caroline Bailey is a level 2 Athletics Australia middle-long distance coach. She has a professional background in Psychology, with a doctorate in performance management. Now a mum of two, she returned to running after having children, and is finally beginning to accept that she is a running addict.